talkin ’bout forever

o, it’s been a while.  a long while actually.  i’m not sure why exactly i haven’t had the whatever to update my lj.  let me tell you, i’ve wanted to.  but there has been a lot going on, and i don’t think i could completely put everything i wanted to into words.  the last post was the night that jilian died; it’s hard to write anything about that, even though i hadn’t had a chance to hang out with jilian since my bus trip in ’05.  i’m still working full time at laurier optical, i’ve actually been promoted of the sorts, so we’ll see how that goes.

i’m flying to europe in a few hours.  yes, that’s right, i am going to visit liam for three weeks.  i bought my tickets back in february.  i’m gone from may 14 to june 4.  shall be loads of fun.  i’m still not packed yet.  my flight leaves ottawa for london at 6:35 tonight, and i arrive in london at 6:25 tomorrow morning.  then i depart for amsterdam at 10:25 tomorrow morning, and land in amsterdam at 12:55.  we’re staying at the ywam base in amsterdam until the 18th, then we’re taking the train to brussels, where i will call the ywam brussels base home until i leave again on the 4th.  the plan is to tour around belgium, amsterdam and some other parts of the netherlands, luxembourg, some of germany, and maybe paris.

i’m taking liam’s laptop over for him, so maybe if i can get an internet connection in the heathrow airport for free (yeah right), i will update.  they have internet at the brussels base, so it may not be til the 18th or 19th that anyone else hears from me.

i will be posting photos as i am able to on facebook.  so if you aren’t my facebook friend, i suggest you start looking and requesting!

ALSO, if you are interested in getting a postcard or two from me, email me your mailing address to my gmail account [kavmac/at/gmail/dot/com].

until then, keep it simple, silly!


~ by Kristy-Ann on Monday, May 14, 2007.

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