talkin ’bout forever

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o, it’s been a while.  a long while actually.  i’m not sure why exactly i haven’t had the whatever to update my lj.  let me tell you, i’ve wanted to.  but there has been a lot going on, and i don’t think i could completely put everything i wanted to into words.  the last post was the night that jilian died; it’s hard to write anything about that, even though i hadn’t had a chance to hang out with jilian since my bus trip in ’05.  i’m still working full time at laurier optical, i’ve actually been promoted of the sorts, so we’ll see how that goes.

i’m flying to europe in a few hours.  yes, that’s right, i am going to visit liam for three weeks.  i bought my tickets back in february.  i’m gone from may 14 to june 4.  shall be loads of fun.  i’m still not packed yet.  my flight leaves ottawa for london at 6:35 tonight, and i arrive in london at 6:25 tomorrow morning.  then i depart for amsterdam at 10:25 tomorrow morning, and land in amsterdam at 12:55.  we’re staying at the ywam base in amsterdam until the 18th, then we’re taking the train to brussels, where i will call the ywam brussels base home until i leave again on the 4th.  the plan is to tour around belgium, amsterdam and some other parts of the netherlands, luxembourg, some of germany, and maybe paris.

i’m taking liam’s laptop over for him, so maybe if i can get an internet connection in the heathrow airport for free (yeah right), i will update.  they have internet at the brussels base, so it may not be til the 18th or 19th that anyone else hears from me.

i will be posting photos as i am able to on facebook.  so if you aren’t my facebook friend, i suggest you start looking and requesting!

ALSO, if you are interested in getting a postcard or two from me, email me your mailing address to my gmail account [kavmac/at/gmail/dot/com].

until then, keep it simple, silly!


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one thing i’m not really enjoying about myself lately is my lack of a desire to be around people. work consumes my life. which is a rather non-positive thing in terms of both my spiritual and social life. i feel as though i don’t have any friends. however, i do. the vast majority of them just live too far away. the rest of them don’t seem to be putting forth an effort to hold up their end of the friendship. and so i sit and mope around at home. primarily in my room in front of my computer. for the most part because i am able to educate myself in some way and catch up on the goings-on in the world around me. the other part because my parents, as sad as it is that i am admitting this, bore me. now not all of the time, but some of the time. other times their heads and mine butt with each other, making the atmosphere not a pleasant one to be in. i have no motivation whatsoever to do anything. and by anything, i mean clean up/out my bedroom. it has been a mess since i moved home from Roberts. and that was almost two years ago. hokey sam i have been out of school for almost two full years.

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as of today, i have been working at laurier optical for one whole year.  this is the longest i have been employed by one company (outside of camps).  it’s so weird to think that an entire year of my life has been devoted to this company.  i’ve enjoyed it though.  there are a lot of rough days, but in the end i think they’re worth it.  the changes we’re going through right now are crazy, but in the end they do have a purpose.  and for that very reason, i sit back and hold on.

today also marked the end of a seven day work week.  yes, i just worked for seven days in a row.  can i go to sleep now?

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i have oriental hair.  thanks arlene.

i hate imposing on people.  and i hate having to depend on other people for things.  especially rides to and from (work) the city.

i really wish it wasn’t so expensive to rent a nice, small, but nice, apartment in ottawa.  because then i would rent one.  and i wouldn’t have to worry about transportation to/from work.  i’d take the bus.  i don’t mind taking the bus.  however, i haven’t been successful, yet, in finding an inexpensive apartment to rent (and one that allows pets).

so now, because my parents won’t pick me up in kanata tomorrow night after they’ve finished their middler’s thingy, i have to go and stay at their friends house.  i barely even know these people!  and i’m sure that my mother has already told them how incapable i am at finding my own way to/from work.

sometimes, i hate being grown up.


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call me a nerd if you must.

i just organized ALL of my gmail.  and it made me all happy inside.

i miss a certain french canadian boy.

i’m tired, but i’m too lazy to go to sleep.

i go to europe in four months.

2007 – the year of a gazillion weddings – starts in four months.

i’m lonely.  won’t you be my friend?

i am now going to go to bed.

a brief update

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the time has come to move on to bigger and greater things. except i’m financially stuck where i’m at. good news: i have enough money for my plane tickets for my trip to belgium! sad news: i really should be using all of this money to clear out some debt. i wasn’t expecting to get all of my vacation pay right now, and all on one cheque. i haven’t been able to send money to roberts since november. liam flies back to belgium tomorrow night, right when i get off work. i’m really excited for may. australia is really on my heart. i think i’d ♥ rto and that life. big time. i must really get some sleep. the end 🙂